I feel it’s only right to introduce what this blog is for me personally and its overall intention. “The Ivory Tower” has connotations of a place of retreat and seclusion away from ordinary things. For me, I wanted to adapt this as a modern idea. This blog is my place of retreat to express my interest for various different aspects of my life - including fashion, travel and general lifestyle (maybe the odd cocktail too). Another influencing factor for me to create this blog was my final year at university, as I lived in a little attic room in Birmingham whilst I finished my degree. My house mates and I had named this top floor room "The Ivory Tower" (filled with fairy lights and candles) – and this is the place where my ambition to create this blog grew.  "The Ivory Tower" is to in no way have a negative undertone. To me it's just all things simple. I also really like white things...so "ivory" is quite apt really. 


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