Thursday, 27 September 2018


Rewind 6, maybe more, years ago, and I would've been adamant that I knew what my future was going to be like. The older, more mature me, would be office based, tottering around in stiletto heels and pencil skirts. I'd probably tie my hair in a bun and be dashing to my next meeting whilst clutching a coffee cup and a clipboard (not sure what was going to be on it - but it seemed authoritative).

I tried it for a couple of years, straight out of uni. That's the plan though right? School, Uni, job. Getting so caught up in trying to get yourself through the cycle that maybe you forget to think about important things - like is this what I want to do.

I stuck at my office job for 3 years post uni, and absolutely started by tottering around in my stilettos, pencil skit, hair in a bun. Even managed to get my self a clipboard when I became designated fire marshall.

Fast forward 5 years. I'm currently sat on my couch in a flat out here in Ibiza, where I have been for the summer. I have bare-feet, beach waved hair and a baggy t-shirt on. My productivity levels = through the roof. I never envisaged myself having this as my workwear, or job, for that matter. That's the amazing thing about life - it can take you to some crazy and fantastic places that you didn't even know were for you.

So these snaps may be the closest that I will get to wearing a suit again. Not quite sure how the no shoes and no bra vibe would go down in an office in Manchester - but hey, that's life.



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