Wednesday, 29 August 2018


It was around 14 months ago, that I remember being sat in my car of my then-employers carpark, and receiving an email with the subject "News".

It sounds very dramatic to say this, as the smallest of things happen every single day that directly impact our lives and the path we go down...but looking back, I genuinely feel this way about that particular email landing in my mailbox.

I remember ringing my parents who were staying with my sister in Milan, telling them the news that I had got the job of my dreams and thinking that I didn't think I'd felt that feeling of genuine joy in such a long time.

Getting the Marketing job with Dancing Leopard - a fashion brand that I had been blogging about for so long - definitely made me look at other areas of my life and realise that I wanted to push for more. And I did, which is something I owe a lot of thanks to. Out of all the opportunities Dancing Leopard have given me, they also enabled me to do something I never thought I’d ever have the guts to do - to move and live in a foreign country.

It honestly stuns me that it has been just over 12 months already - so much has changed in that space of time, and now so much more is about to...

I recently wrote on my Instagram Q&A about the friendship I have with Emily and the adventures that we have been on since I made her move to Ibiza with me (more info here - still not sorry!) but I also wrote about how since moving here we have tried to push each other to achieve our dreams. And that is exactly what we are about to do. It might sound cliché but we have spent many nights over the summer down at the marina sat watching the yachts (apparently neither of us knew that we had an underlying obsession with them - that was new) and we thought, what if?

So here I am...a day away from my finish date with Dancing Leopard - and a day away from starting my next exciting venture. Maybe there is something about this season that brings about a need for change - I'm not sure, but I am feeling incredibly excited because of it.

As much of a difficult choice that it was to leave Dancing Leopard (this sounds like a break-up post doesn't it!) - I am now embarking on the opportunity of a lifetime with my best friend, where we are in complete and utter control of the direction we are going in. Neither me or Emily thought this was the route we would be taking towards the end of the summer, but we have realised over the past four months how totally aligned we are, and more than anything, we want to turn something that we are so passionate about, into a genuine career for us.

Being able to join with Emily on Stories Studio couldn't be more perfect for us - not only do our skills completely compliment each other - we also have the amazing Emily G (yep, another one to throw into the mix, just to make things even more confusing for me) on board who is a complete and utter design wizard! And on the very first day that Emily G landed in Ibiza for our first team meeting - we purchased a tripod. Coincidence? I think not.

So...what is Stories?

Stories Studio offers a full suite of services for all types of clients, across different industries, all over the globe, including alcohol brands (one of our personal favourites), fashion (we couldn't not!), cosmetics, stationary, and more. We work with brands to establish their identities, from initial brand strategy, social strategy, content creation/photography and bespoke web builds. We are creatives in our element.

You guys know that I am a sucker for a good quote, but there is one in particular that has been playing on my mind over the past month, and that is;

When it feels scary to jump, that's exactly when you should jump, otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life.

 - Abel Morales 

really resonate with this quote (maybe because Emily has been playing inspirational speeches from Will Smith and Steve Jobs on repeat for the past four months of our lives) but i do think that there is a lot of truth in those words. The past couple of weeks haven't been easy - there have been a lot of late nights (accompanied by red bull) and stressed moments. But we would be naive to think that will ever stop if you are the driving force behind your own creation. Sure, it never feels like the right time jump and it is oh so easy to postpone the "jump" as daily life often runs away with us. When really, in the grand scheme of life, we don't have that much time. And more often than not, we look back and wish that we had started sooner.

So here it goes - our official start time. From this point, myself and Emily will be embracing the digital nomad life more than ever, running Stories Studio from our laptops. This little island will still be our home for the next 6 weeks until we head to Barcelona for the foreseeable future. 

Want to join us for the ride?

Cheers...or should I say, Salut X



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