Friday, 3 August 2018


I thought I would kick part two of my Ibiza Island Diaries off with something that I have become somewhat of an expert in over the past few months (and probably most of my adult life)...the art of finding half decent (and instagrammable) drinking spot.

Obviously it goes without saying that Ibiza is known for its party and drinking culture - which means that they definitely know how to make a solid drink. For me, I love going out and the big nights are always good fun - but the majority of the time I would happily sit in a beach bar with vibey music and a 2L jug of something alcoholic. So, for all you huns out there that love a little tipple as much as me...Im going to give you my top 5 places to sit and sip if you're over here in Ibiza.

1 | Amante

Picture a beach, surrounded by cliffs, with THE most beautiful interior design.

We headed over to Amante pretty much the day we got hold of the hire car. Emily was designated navigator whilst I tried to master driving on the opposite side of the road for the first time in my life without having a melt down. A couple of off-roading mishaps later and we rocked up to Amante. AKA new favourite place.

Obviously we have been back to Amante on numerous occasions (it is getting busier now it is in peak season - but it is definitely worth planning ahead). On our first visit we shared a bottle of vino (pretty standard behaviour) and I went for the risotto. You can probably imagine my face when it turned up to the table with an edible flower neatly placed on top...

Seriously - whether it is for brunch and a bloody mary, or watching the sunset with your evening meal and a bottle of red, you need to check Amante out. It is relatively remote so need to drive/get a cab but that is pretty standard for most places on the island.

A little tip if planning ahead - over summer they have pop up cinema screenings which is the most magical thing I've ever seen!

2 | Beach House

The name pretty much says it all. It's located in Playa D'en Bossa so only a stones throw away from old town - and right on the beach front!

It really has the most amazing feel with giant aztec rugs and the whole front opens up towards the ocean. I'm gonna call of the best Bloody Mary's that I've ever had (sue me).

Also, if you are staying here in the week and yoga is your thing, they offer a free morning yoga session right on the beach front which is so amazing! I've never done yoga before but I found it one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. All they ask is a donation towards helping to keep the beach clean, which is of course an added bonus!

3 | La Torre

We had actually stumbled across this little gem by complete accident! We really didn't know that this place existed, never mind that it was actually right around the corner from our flat.

So La Torre is the hotel and their restaurant is called Kyupiddo - it literally has the best views out over the Marina - which is probably the closest I have been to a rooftop bar here in Ibiza. We haven't had a meal here yet but we often nip in for a drink to watch the hustle and bustle of Old Town down below. They also have a pretty epic pool that is open to swim in during the day. What's not to love about that kinda vibe?

4 | El Chiringuito 

One of my favourite beach bars on the island (on par with Beach House - but I would say the beach it is located on is nicer - and the sand seems whiter!). Is there actually a better set up than having a bottle of wine and an amazing meal, and then being able to stumble straight onto the beach for a post-food nap? Absolutely not.

So El Chiringutio is located at Ses Salines beach and it has the coolest vibe ever. I blogged about Scorpios when I was over in Mykonos and this definitely has a similar vibe if you like a little boho feel. For me, I really like neutral tones for interior when it is a beachy vibe - wooden floor (usually because I like to trot around barefoot) with big statement light fixtures always makes me feel like a real island girl...and this place definitely has it nailed.

5 | Cappuccino & La Calma

I'm kinda cheating here by putting two in one - but they are both located in the same place and are definitely both worth a visit! Okay that is an understatement - if you are in Old Town and by the Marina you really need to check these out. Like really really need to. They are both located on the waterfront and have INSANE direct views of the castle.

If you don't fancy getting sandy and just want a nice spot to chill and relax, then these are definitely the places for you. I have spent many a hangover sitting at these with a bloody mary watching the boats sail past! I would also recommend booking in at La Calma for an evening meal and watching the sun go down over the Marina, it really is just as magical at nighttime - if not more so!

Just so you know, I am willing to take one for the team in trying to hunt down some other special drinking spots on the island...with a couple of sample taste tests along the way...someone's got to do it, right?

If any of you guys do find yourselves in one of these places clutching an alcoholic beverage - take a little snap and tag me on insta - I wanna see! If I'm nearby maybe I will even stop by for a drink or two...any excuse, hey.

You can also check all of my snaps out of these places over on my Instagram here!

Photography by Emilyrachael 



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