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My first post of 2018...cray-zay! Don't worry - I'm not going to talk about my goals for the year (just yet, anyway). So...I thought best to kick this one off with writing about what I am now calling my second home...Milano. See - my sister is living there at the moment and my Dad is now their football teams biggest fan (apparently Stoke might not be doing too good at the he even has the cap, so it's pretty legit) ANYWAY that pretty much means I have a claim to residency, right??? Right! Onward we go!

If you follow any of my travel posts (thank you huns) you'll probably realise it usually revolves around a common, alcohol, more food, a good coffee, and a blooming great rooftop view. If any of those things are a giant tick in the box for you then you are in the right place my friends! I'm not sure I can fully call this a travel guide when 90% of it is revolved around alcohol but hey, it's happened.

Just to flag (ooooh - no pun intended!)...naturally some of the activities you may want to do in Milan will depend on what time of year you go. In the summer it gets ridiculously hot and to be fair in the summer I alternated my prosecco sipping with dips in the pool, and if you get chance then definitely bob around the lakes. But whatever the weather you cannot beat a here are a few of my all time faves from the centre of Milan:

La Rinascente 

I seriously could never tire of this place - and I don't say that often. Its actually at the top of a department store (that's not the reason...honest) but it opens up to look straight out onto the Duomo, just metres away from you, above all of the hustle and bustle below. It's on the 7th floor (I think) - stay focused people! Plus they do a mean meal whilst you take in the view. I would recommend going in the afternoon, whilst it's light and then staying while the sun sets - it is SO pretty all lit up at night! The longest I have had to wait for a table was 10 mins, max. They also have heaters and blankets available (if you're going when its colder, otherwise, plonk yourself under an umbrella for shade!).

Radio Rooftop Bar

If any of you guys have been to the Radio rooftop bar in London then you will seriously understand what a cool vibe this place is, which is why I was bloody thrilled to find one in Milan...and FYI it is equally as cool! As mentioned above, and probably goes for any rooftop that I visit, I would always recommend going in the late afternoon so that you can look out over the city in the daylight but also watch the sun set. I really think there is something so magical about watching the transition of a city from day to night.

Radio is pretty cool so always seem to have really great music playing, too. I ordered a whiskey (if you follow me on Insta you may know I am a sucker for a whiskey on the rocks...sorrynotreally), and it came with its very own little metal pot of ice and a spoon. It sometimes really is the little things.

Aperol Terrace

Sorry if this seems obvious...but if you like Aperol, then this is the place for you. I personally am not a massive fan, but when it comes complete with epic views over the Duomo - who am I to turn it down? It is alcoholic after all! This terrace is on the same side as La Rinascente and you will see the parasols from the square if you look up - and to your left (if you're facing the Duomo from the square!).

Other watering holes

Want a good bar that isn't on a rooftop? (if we must)...then GINO12 is the perfect place. I don't think I have ever seen a menu with quite as many gins but hey - I'm not one to complain! They have a really cool indoor space but also the option to sit in an outdoor garden setting...pretty cute (when it's not raining). It is also near to the canal which is a really nice walk/stumble back after you've sank ten gins.

So most of the above are centred around the Duomo - as a tourist I thought it was best to use that as a pinpoint! In all honesty one of the things I love about Milan is that you can wander around and simply stumble upon amazing coffee shops and bistros and that is totally part of the fun - so definitely walk the streets and keep your eyes peeled! If you do love a good Instagram opportunity (who doesn't?) then you HAVE to visit Wes Anderson's cafe - Bar Luce. It is a retro DREAM and you have probably already seen it doing the rounds on Pinterest. Go for a coffee and a cake early doors and you will feel like you are in a film set!

I am going to part some wisdom on one toursity thing that I did in Milan in the summer that I really feel like you should do, and that is go up to the top of a mountain in a tiny little tin bucket (Location: Laveno Mombello). I don't really get that nervous about things (apart from when I have a panic attack trying to ski down a mountain when I haven't fully learnt how to stop yet...) but this actually freaked me a little bit! My GOD were the views worth it though! Two people can fit in these metal buckets and it acts like a cable cart going up the side of the mountain. Not only are the views effing amazing at the top but of course there is a restaurant at the top too, so a bottle of wine later and you will have taken the edge off it all for the trip back down to reality. Little tip: do this when it is warmer weather...I struggled enough being on a rooftop during winter, never mind a mountaintop.

So gang - that's it for now! I already have another trip booked and to be honest I'm hoping to get out there again before then, so as ever I will be sure to share all of my new found faves. I would really love to see if you guys go to any of these places and if this post was helpful at all - so please let me know if you do and share your snaps!

Addio! X


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