Saturday, 13 January 2018

HELLO 2018

I bet you have been inundated with posts about New Years resolutions - hell, that was exactly what I posted in January last year!!! What I'm not going to do is pour my heart out (again - did you catch my last post of 2017?). I'm not going to stop drinking and I'm not going to sign up to 7 gyms. Instead, I'm going to consciously make an effort to make lots of small changes in my life. My overall aim is to channel a whole lotta goodness and make some alterations that combined, should help with my development as a badass human.

So lets kick things off wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith...

Not taking things too seriously
So basically I just wanna laugh my absolute head off. How is that for goals? I am totally looking into the law of attraction and actually you attract what you put out there. So my aim is to exude positivity and happiness and pretty much get a giggle where I can. Life is too short, right? I know this isn't always possible 100% of the time and I get just as fed up as anyone sometimes - but I am going to try to be as upbeat as I can!

Read something that isn't a twitter feed
I am not a massive reader to be honest - but I have read a couple of inspirational books (as we know by now - that's my jam and actually what I am holding in these snaps). I am making it my mission this year to read more - even if it's just one book! I think a chick flick is definitely gonna have to be it, isn't it.

Have alone time away from my laptop and phone
I know people feel the same about this - if you're reading this it'll be on your phone/laptop/Ipad and just generally having a scroll through your feeds. I work on a laptop 9-5 and also seem to be pretty attached to it when I'm not working (technically still working - just on my blog). I actually got to the point a couple of weeks ago where I was getting pain in my fingers from holding my phone so much (horrendous - I know). What I have been doing lately is leaving my phone in a different room (imagine the horror!!!!!!!) and going for walks and runs a lot more. At the moment I am in the countryside so that does make this a lot easier and ultimately prettier. So basically I am going to have a lot more discipline with myself to have breaks and chill and watch movies (FINE read too - see previous point). Just be at one with the world and all that.

Listen to music that makes me feel happy
At the end of last year I found myself playing songs on repeat that had memories associated to them - some of those memories made me reminisce and subsequently altered my mood, even without me knowing it. My plan is to find new music that is upbeat and actually inspires me to get up off my ass and get stuff done! I have actually discovered a new love for trap music! So any recommendations send them my way huns.

Trust my gut
Woah so this is encroaching a little bit on my last post of 2017, but MY GOD have I realised I actually have one of these (not just the beer belly - but yeah that too I guess). I am listening to myself a lot more and understand why I get the feelings that I do. I'm going to get a lot more in tune with this and just trust my instincts, on people, places, foods, experiences...everything!

Travel more
This is by far one of my favourite things to do. I am definitely a home bird and love my comforts but I just get such a thrill from visiting new places (and snapping them for here/Instagram, of course!).

Focus my energy in the right places
So this kinda links to trusting my gut...but I am going to try to focus my energy on meaningful areas of my life. At the grand old age of 25 I am starting to feel like everything is going in the right direction and actually I have complete control on where that goes.

Keep drinking
Just because, well, I like it, ya know.

Get into video
I have recently been playing around with creating videos and I honestly LOVE it. Fair enough its only been short clips for Instagram stories and one video from my recent trip to Milan - but I seriously get so much enjoyment from it. I don't have a YouTube channel but I am definitely considering it and I'm getting prettttttty into the editing side of it all. So basically - watch this space.

Okay last but by NO means least...move to Ibiza. So I know I said these were all small changes but HEY I lied (that's not going to be a new goal of mine - don't worry). As of April I'm hoping to move to Ibiza for the Summer. Luckily the amazing job that I have means that I have the opportunity to go and work out there and actually makes sense for me to do so. I think it's about time I put down the tanning mitt and explored what I'm told is one of the most beautiful islands. Any tips welcome...(and very much needed, please!).

Just a little insight into what I plan to focus on this year, that and having a wholeeeeee bunch of fun along the way.

Catch you on the next one! X



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