Monday, 9 October 2017


So - my last post was my Santorini travel guide, where every shot was taken against clear blue skies and the stillest ocean (and I was sporting a pretttttttttyyyy solid tan). Now, somehow, it is the 9th October and I couldn't be any further away from those things if I tried. You know what though? Autumn/winter is probably my favourite time of year. I love the feeling of darker nights and getting cosy indoors with candles and generally just being merry. Plus - I happen to be a December baby...okay yeah that's probably it.


It doesn't take long in the UK does it - the transition from summer to winter? I am completely taking it in my stride though as I am gearing my wardrobe up for alllllllll of the chunky knits and yep, you guessed it...aviator jackets!

This boohoo jacket is actually relatively old, so I am not gonna sit here and say this is a new obsession of mine, as it is completely not. But seriously, how many different variations are there out there now? It's literally blowing my mind and I have a list of approx 5 more that I already know I need (/want).

I actually surprised myself with this one, as generally I screw myself over (mainly financially) by only wearing items a couple of times, it's a real thing. These aviator jackets though (plural, as I have been wearing a couple lately - which you can see over on my Instagram) are my current go-to, and I don't see that changing much at all this season.

So first things first, let's talk versatility. 

Roller neck dress - check. Jeans and a nice top - check. Heels? Boots? Trainers? Check check check. Going out for some drinks with the girls? Sure - let me just grab my aviator. Walking the dog? I know just the jacket for that occasion. 

I also love the fact that the variety of these jackets available this season include a multitude of colours, just to make our wardrobes that little bit more flexible (and quirky, too!). So I already have my eye on a green...which is a must-have this season, surely?!

Numero two on my "I love aviator jackets" list...warmth. I mean you can't really go wrong with a little oversizing on a chilly day, can you? But the fact that this extra bit of fabric is lined with fleece, well, snug just isn't the word! Who doesn't want to feel like they are walking about with a sleeping bag wrapped around them? No-one! Well...maybe someone.

So, let's talk business. Price. Now we all love to get a bargain yada yada yada but seriously, you can get these jackets at the most ridiculously great prices considering how much wear you can get out of them! Which almost isn't helping with my obsession. is it an okay excuse to use that my sister works in aviation? Keep it in the family and all that, right?

Stay tuned here and over on my Instagram for more snaps of me sporting my aviator jackets avec the slowly fading Santorini tan. Also if you have any recommendations of any cool colour-ways - I am always keen to mix things up a little bit from the usual black. Hit me up!

You can shop this full outfit by signing up to and checking out my profile here. Plus I have added a couple of aviators into my wishlist which can be found at the bottom of my blog homepage! Enjoy!

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Dress: Loavies
Jacket: Boohoo
Bag: Zara
Necklace: Topshop



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