Wednesday, 11 October 2017


The question of the day - how do you nail the transition from Summer to Winter in one clean sweep? I ask this as over the past couple of weeks I feel like I have been cheated by the English weather. Or maybe the perception of it. It got me we have some form of subconscious plan for transitioning? One minute I was frolicking about in the sunshine and now it goes dark at like...6:30pm. I want me and my wardrobe to feel prepared for winter so I am planning in advance! I thought I would share some of my top tips for items that could see you through this awkward transitional phase!


As you can proooooobably tell from this post - I am all fur a good (get it?) faux fur jacket. Seriously though, not only can you pretty much throw it on over everything (I say that a lot - maybe I just don't care what I throw together hahaha) but they are also super handy for day to night transitions too! For me - the bigger the coat the better. I'm talking definite honey monster. But yeah - dresses, jeans, shirts, t-shirts...its lightweight but keeps you warm. Double win!


So yeah I have been wearing a lot of these at the moment too. Why? Autumn transitioning! I find these super comfy and pairing them with tights is just the perfect combo at the moment - not too hot, not too cold. I am partial to a little knitted number, but I am finding Jersey or other alternatives work just as well. This way you can also judge what kind of jacket you need - raincoat? Maybe a biker jacket? Oh go on - throw a fur in there! Effortless.


Okay so this is an absolute STAPLE. Now I could probably argue this all year round...but autumn/winter especially! Most importantly, you can now get the most insanely cool styles and colours and maybe a little bit less important - they are super practical. The little bit of heel makes you feel more glammed up but you can still walk without breaking your neck. Also how unpredictable the weather is going to become you just never know when you will get caught in the rain/torrential downpour. So this autumn I am going to be playing it safe with these bad boys! Who's with me?


Now I always have and always will be a lover of the hat. Any shape or form. Not only are there some seriously cool hats making a comeback right now (your classic baker boy and beret style) but the old classics can't be forgotten...the fedora! Perfect for dressing those casual outfits up a little. Plus, you will be laughing when you're caught in the rain and your hair is tucked neatly under it! Thank me later.


Gone are the days you can just waltz outside with just your clutch. No no no. The benefits of having a big bag this Autumn will be ridiculous. You will 100% need to keep an umbrella on you at all times (unless maybe you have your trusty hat on - refer to point 4). What about a brush for when you have been faced with gale force winds? Makeup to reapply after the torrential rain has splatted your face or your eyes have watered from walking in the wind? Probably a scarf as you don't want to look too wrapped up and overly keen for winter - you can throw this on later in the day when you're too cold to care. These bags would preferably have a strap so that your hands can stay firmly in your pockets keeping them toasty!

SO there are my five tips for tackling the autumn/winter transition. Good luck and god speed!


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