Saturday, 8 July 2017


So I definitely expected to write this post in a flurry of excitement around how AMAZING Adele was when I saw her at Wembley with my mum. I'm sure I would've written that. If I had seen her. Don't worry - this post isn't all negative and actually the weekend turned out to be so so amazing. Stick with me.

So yeah, rewind nine/ten months ago to me waiting pensively online for the Adele tickets to come on sale, and then frantically trying to get myself two so that I could surprise my mum with them for Christmas (Adele is literally her idol). Success! Hoorah! How the hell did I even manage to get tickets?? Fast forward two months to my mum opening them on Christmas day and being so overwhelming happy. Happy mum = happy Mel. Fast forward a little bit more and the weekend is FINALLY here. We woke up on the Saturday morning to the news that Adele had cancelled due to vocal issues. Devastating. What do you do when you are in that situation? Head towards the champagne.

 We were extremely lucky in that we were able to get a room at The Mayfair, which meant that we were pretty central, meaning we could re-group and pull together some different but equally epic plans. 

We had an afternoon tea booked at the Hampshire Lounge, where they currently have a Moet and Chandon Ice Imperial Pop-up. Literally, if you are in London you HAVE to check this out. I am pretty easy going when it comes to alcohol and can sometimes take or leave champagne, but this mix over ice was one of the most refreshing drinks I have had, especially as it was a hot day!

From the moment that we arrived we felt so comfortable and were made to feel completely welcome. The staff could not have been more amazing and attentive if they tried. We opted to sit inside to start with as the bucket seats were calling our name. We started with our glass of champagne (around 1pm - why not?) ahead of our food coming. Afternoon tea is definitely a scenario where your eyes are too big for your belly. The food came out and I was so excited to tuck in that I definitely filled up on sandwiches early doors. Another glass of champers easily washed that down so that I could move onto my favourite course...the scones!!! Amazing. That is all I can say. It was all so well presented and tasted great, it completely made us forget about the disappointment of the morning and we were able to just enjoy the afternoon. 

So we sat for around 3 hours in total, sipping our drinks, refusing to admit defeat on the food front, and genuinely loving life. We were actually able to sit outside to enjoy our tea and coffee - which really topped off a great afternoon.

Post food and drink we were definitely ready to loosen the button on our jeans. All I could think about was the fact that we had an amazing room at The Mayfair that came complete with robes. I think if I had the robe on me at the time I would've put it on. Food coma springs to mind.

Our room at The Mayfair was fantastic. It was so spacious - probably unnecessary for one night - but we still seemed to fill it! We were welcomed on arrival by the most helpful staff and beautiful hotel scenery. I definitely had one eye on the bar downstairs though and making a mental note to head there later (great shout from the mother for a post-dinner whiskey. Legend).

When you have a shower almost two times bigger than the one you have at home - you know you are in for a treat. To make this all the more enjoyable, I was able to hop straight from here into my robe ahead of opening a bottle of prosecco to help us to plot the night ahead. We decided on a rooftop bar to start with and landed on Radio. Honestly, it was one of the best rooftops I have been to. I couldn't have been happier drinking my wine and watching the sun go down with my mum. 

A weekend that could've been a total disaster turned out to be so incredible and meant that I got quality time with my mum, filled with laughter, music, sunsets, alcohol, and robes. What more could you want? (OK FINE, maybe just Adele to re-schedule...).

I can't wait to visit The Mayfair again as I was so impressed with my stay and it was really easy to get around from there. I would also really love to say that the chocolate covered strawberries lasted for longer than five minutes after I had entered the room. But that would be a lie.



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