Wednesday, 28 June 2017


So this post is being brought to you from a slightly weary Mel.

If you follow me on my social channels (if not please check them out on the icons top right! ^) then you will have probably noticed that I have just returned from my stint at Glastonbury. Not like I spammed you all or anything, right? Of course, it was such an amazing experience and I got to see some brilliant artists (Royal Blood - what a set!) but there really is nothing quite like returning home and embarking on your recovery operation. So with this in mind, I thought I would share with you some of my all time favourite products and wishlist items that you can use to help you unwind. Whether this is post 6 day camping in a field, or just a little mid-week pick-me-up, the below sure will help to relax your mind, body, and soul.


For me there is nothing more relaxing than getting out of the bath and smelling fresh, so that's why I normally love to spritz some of my favourite scents post-bathe (ok sometimes on my robe too...necessity). L'Occitane has been one of my favourite brands for a while now, and is usually my go-to when I am gifting, especially some of their gift boxes and they mix and match amazing products. My experience of these products definitely gave me reassurance with the L'Occitane fragrance, especially when they involve floral scents such as Peony - which is my all time favourite flower.


This is SO important to me when I am trying to relax, whether this is in the bath or just chilling out before bed. I have my favourite candles but I am usually a sucker for those that are atheistically pleasing too. AKA Instagrammable and usually fitting with my white, simplistic interior style. That's why Jo Malone is one of my favourites. Not only do they smell insanely good, but they also look bloody beautiful, too.

A Cosy Blanket

 I am probably the worst for getting into bed at any given opportunity, thats why I like to have a throw to hand whilst I'm on the sofa - so it technically feels like I am in there. They also work quite well as a cape for when you are in transit from room to room. This probably also ties in with my interior obsession, but you literally cannot beat a good, thick, oversized throw that can be multi-functional as a relaxer and a feature for your room. I have sourced some amazing throws/bedspreads from multiple places, mainly IKEA, The White Company, and M&S.

Fresh Flowers

This ties in with my first point really, in that it always smells amazing when there are fresh flowers in the house. I really do think it can transform any room with a simple bouquet of flowers in a statement vase. As I mentioned before, my favourite flower HAS to be the peony. How do buds so small transform into such great big blooms?! It's just magic. When I have my own home I plan to litter my house with them. The only downside is that their flowering time is only short in the season, but trust me - when they are available, I go mad for them! When peonies aren't available I usually go for a simple white rose. As you can probably tell from my Instagram, I like all things white and clean, which I always try to tie in with my flower arrangements. 

Fresh Linen

Who doesn't love this though? Not only does it feel even more enjoyable because of the god damn effort it takes in changing it, but also feels SO soft. I went through a phase not long ago of having two duvets, simply for the fact that I could have one plain white, and one feature patterned one. Not so great in the heatwave months we seem to have just had. Fail. I usually go for a nice simple, white (noticing a theme here?) waffle cover so that I can get texture too, but try and layer it up with a multitude of scatter pillows and fur throws, as shown in the shot above. Enter nap mode.

A Glass (bottle) of Wine

I'm not going to go into too much detail here or start naming my favourite wines, because well, a wine is a wine. Pass me the bottle.

SO - there it is. A little insight into how I unwind, and what my next week or so is going to be consisting of as I recover from my Glastonbury adventure. I would love to know if any of you guys follow a similar routine, or if there are any different things that you like to try? I am always open to a little indulgence.

This post is in collaboration with L'OCCITANE


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