Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Has this got your attention?

As I am writing this post, I am sat in Terminal 3 of Manchester airport, sipping a Bloody Mary (its 5:45am) waiting to board a flight to Milan. For 24 hours.

I have had a complete whirlwind of a week - physically and emotionally. To top it off I have booked this flight so that I can surprise my sister (aka favourite human in the universe) who moved out there a couple of months ago. My parents are also out their having a holiday (which yes, I am about to gatecrash)...my Dad is non the wiser, whereas my mum has been my accomplice. 

I feel completely dazed. Not just because of the Bloody Mary or the fact I woke up at 4am, but because I have just managed to secure my dream job. One that I have been subconsciously working towards for a very long time, and with a brand that I truly, truly, love. 

I have actually been reading my horoscopes a lot lately, and by 'reading' I mean that I have downloaded an app and I refresh it religiously each day to try and find a connection to how effing motivated I feel right now! I have to share one with you from yesterday, because whether you believe in them or not, sometimes a few words of wisdom can really resinate, especially right now.

"Just imagine what you can do when the conditions are positive, the environment is comfortable, and you are at your best. You can truly work miracles now. So choose the very best dream you've been nurturing, and go for it".

So these words are particular poignant for me at the moment, as I am embarking on a completely new chapter but BOY am I ready for it!

So - only a short post this time, but I wanted to share my news with you all. Don't worry, all will be revealed very soon as there is going to be lots of new and exciting content on its way, but first...I have a sister to surprise. See you soon Milan.

Photography: Best human in the world (Sister).
Playsuit/bag/sunglasses: Zara
T-shirt: H&M
Greasy hair: Not included


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