Sunday, 14 May 2017


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I seem to be hearing the term "millennial" thrown around a lot recently and it has been making me think about how the world, and especially the digital world, has developed. As a self-confessed social media addict (I'm not alone here - who's with me?!) there are definite pros and cons to the industry. For those of you who check Instagram last thing at night and first thing in a morning - you can probably relate. Now these are very much first world problems, but I thought I would share some of my thoughts on the stigmas of social media addictions. Here goes...

1. An overactive mind and inability to sleep

Now, I appreciate that the bright light of my mobile and laptop are certain to have an effect on my ability to sleep due to what it does to my brain. Have I been told to not use these said devices an hour or so before I go to bed? Yes. Can I tear myself away from them during this peak time of engagement? Absolutely not. Now being in the creative industry means that you are constantly thinking about the next thing or what content you want to produce, which again doesn't help with the ability to switch off. I love it though, I find my mind is at its peak creativity at this time, but not ideal when the Monday morning alarm goes off. I have tried pillow sprays, relaxing music, whiskey, and late night exercise. If any of you guys have the same struggle - I would love to know what you do to ease the process! Sidenote: I have absolutely no issue napping in the day, in fact I am very much pro-napping. Strange how that can change when it comes to settling down for the night.

2. "You're always on your phone"

This is something I have heard toooooooo many times, along with the old "you're always taking pictures" and "you're obsessed with Instagram". Yes, yes I am. 10/10 for observation! Everyone has their own "thing" and I get that. Agreed - there are times where phones need to go away and quality time needs to be spent with those around you, but am I really harming anyone by taking a few extra moments to take a snap of my coffee or my OOTD? I think it is important in any walk of life to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and help to spur on your creativity. More people like that - please!

3. Saving can be a challenge

Im 24. In the grand scheme of things I have a long way to go to where I want to be, and it is very sensible to save money for the future - I get that. It is just SO GOD DAM HARD to save when purchasing the most beautiful items in the world is literally just a scroll away. That doesn't just go for clothing, shoes, accessories, but exploring too. If there is anything I love more than shopping, it is travelling. Even if I am not going out of my way to find new locations or bars that I want to visit, I will inadvertently find some. Pinterest is a killer for giving me travel inspo. Before I know it, I've created  a board, pinned 1000 inspo shots to it, and booked a plane ticket. Sorry not sorry.

4. Having to constantly rewind TV series

I don't actually watch that much TV, I usually head for series so that I can binge in bulk and get obsessed with the latest show that everyone is talking about. Another reason why I lean more towards Netflix is the fact that I can recap at any point I need to. It is good to have background noise when I am working on content, but I definitely find that my thoughts wander, even to the point where my laptop is open and I am tapping away. BAM someone gets shot and I didn't even see who did it. "What happened????"...there I go again reaching for the remote and clicking the rewind button and before I know it I've watched the same episode 3 times.

5. There is no such thing as a full stop

I guess this links to my first point - but social media is never ending. There is always new information to digest and new trends to analyse. Ever found yourself promising that you will just have "one more scroll" before powering off, then, 10 minutes later you've found yourself on someones Instagram ten years back into their portfolio. Sound familiar? It's ok. Naturally we have a desire to absorb more information. For me, all of this just inspires me and spurs on my creativity. I find it so overwhelmingly inspirational when I see individuals creating great content. These platforms that we use have allowed us to connect and come together to express ourselves in a way that hasn't always been possible. 

So there it is. Some of my most pertinent day to day issues. Don't get me wrong - these are so minuscule in the grand scheme of life but maybe some of you out there can relate? First and foremost, this industry is my number one love and absolute passion - which makes all of these points pale into insignificance. I am definitely learning a lot about the industry and making giant strides...even if those are in my new snakeskin boots!

Dress: Missguided (buy here)
Jacket: AllSaints
Bag: Primark 
Sunglasses: Topshop



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