Friday, 10 March 2017


"If I didn't care about my blog and putting out the content that I do, it wouldn't bother me".


Oh hi Friday friends! Did I mention that it is Friday? Not sure, but I am sure glad to see it. 

So I'm spending my weekend having some rare but very enjoyable quiet time. It sounds really ridiculous but I seem to always be tired and ill at the moment. In fact, ever since I had the flu jab last year, I've had the flu. Go figure.

Luckily this Friday night I have some great company; a Funkin cocktail party pack (ok fine so my chocolate labrador ain't so bad either). Gone are the days where I end up with every fruit juice under the sun splashed up the kitchen wall, and a sticky floor for the next four weeks. This mixer is literally: ready, add vodka (lots of vodka), shake, maybe add some more vodka - GO!

So, as a little side note to my passion fruit expertise, tonight got me thinking, as I tried to have a short afternoon nap (I don't usually struggle with this, - but today I did) and then settled down onto the sofa with my passion fruit martini. I felt a sense of guilt. Guilt that I shouldn't be sat down and I should be up snapping content for here and Instagram, despite the fact that I'd already indulged myself in a mini cocktail making masterclass (cue these photos). I hate feeling like that, but I have to view it in a positive light. If I didn't care about my blog and putting out the content that I do, it wouldn't bother me. I guess sometimes its finding the right balance between work and unwinding. I must at this point refer myself to my Hello 2017 post, and my pledge to "make more time". It's more about getting the best use out of my time, whether that is being in on a Friday night creating my own version of Revs followed by an attempt to get attention from my labrador, or being out with friends (thanks again girls for the hangover from hell last Saturday). 

Do any of you guys ever get this sense of stress around constantly posting? Keen to get your thoughts and how you deal with those pressures, so leave a comment and let me know!

Anyway - I'm off to go and harass my choc lab. Night folks.

This post is in collaboration with Funkin Cocktails


  1. Everything looks so beautiful ;)

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