Sunday, 20 November 2016

Feel Good Friday

So my Sunday blues seem to have kicked in once again. Even more so this week as I have had one of the best weekends with my favourite people.

On Friday, me and my sister took a little road trip to Liverpool to have an overnight stay at the Titanic Hotel. I don't get to see her as much as I would like, so we try to plan adventures whenever we get the chance! We arrived at the hotel mid-morning and kicked our stay off with a cocktail and then a spot lunch. Now, for those of you who know me, you'll know that I am a massive foody, and I am not exaggerating when I say that the salad I chose was one of the best salads I've had. Ever. It was the Salad of Torn English Mozzarella (grilled peach, prosciutto, wild rocket and balsamic glaze) literally - amazing. Ok so enough about food...

We checked into our superior room and were amazed to be welcomed by views overlooking the surrounding docks. It really did feel like we were on a boat (even though it did start snowing...not ideal!). After dumping our bags we headed down to the basement as we were booked into the Maya Blue Spa for the afternoon. So I won't lie - this was my third trip to a spa in three months, but hey - who's complaining? We were both booked in for a half an hour back neck and shoulder massage. It was honestly the most relaxing massage I have ever had in my life. We then took a break from relaxing to do some more relaxing in the main spa area. We were spoilt for choice with the facilities from hydro pools, saunas, steam rooms, and foot spas. As the spa was in the basement of the hotel, it was very peaceful, and you never would have known you were underneath the hustle and bustle above. Give me a robe and some slippers and I'll be your friend for life but pair that with the exposed brickwork of the basement and you really are onto a winner!

We had to eventually pluck up the strength to tear ourselves away from the spa (it was difficult) and head to our room to get ready to venture into central Liverpool in search for ~more~ food. We were armed with Prosecco and chocolates, because well, start the night as you mean to go on and all that! With the whole snow situation, I opted for a black flared jumpsuit as I didn't quite feel ready to lose my legs to frostbite just yet. The Zara jumpsuit that I wore is the most ideal fit, and I am a sucker for flares so this ticked all boxes for me. I wanted to rock things up a little bit and my new boohoo studded jacket was the perfect addition for this. I have seen so many versions of this jacket and the price range can escalate into the hundreds, which is why I am so pleased with this one - its affordable but also, majorly kick-ass.

It's safe to say the night didn't just stop at food. We somehow fought the food coma that had been intensified by our pamper day, and headed out to some bars on Seel Street and Concert Square. Naturally I spent Saturday morning nursing my hangover in my favourite Missguided silk kimono robe before I had to make my way to Manchester to meet some friends. Hey - someone has got to do it.

I feel very lucky to be able to spend quality time like this with my sister, who happens to be THE biggest babe. I am already plotting our next adventure...

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  1. Mushyyy!!!! (Sister code for Melissa!) Not only are you my favourite person EVER, but you are also absolutely amazingggg!!! Love your post!!! Can't wait to find out WHAT WE'RE DOING NEXT!!!!!!!!! Xxx

  2. Looks like the perfect getaway <3 The dim lighting in the pool looks like it wold be so relaxing! | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.


  3. I am jealous of your friday! LOL

  4. Looks like the perfect getaway <3


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