Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Riads and Rooftops

Ok so I landed back in England yesterday morning (sob) following my week in Morocco. This is actually the second time that I have been to Marrakech, and more often than not when travelling I try to avoid going to the same place as I like to experience new places - but I loved it just as much as I did the first time. You can find out what I got up to on my previous visit last year under my "Travel" tab.

It is always so overwhelming for me when you get to experience the contrast between the streets of the medina, and the tranquility that lies behind the Riad doors. I knew that I wanted to visit a couple of Riads during the trip, as each one seems to offer you its own idyllic place of retreat away from the hustle and bustle. If you go to Marrakech - head to Le Riad Yasmine. The mint tea and coconut snacks are obviously a massive plus - but it really is just the perfect setting. There is something about being surrounded by water and vibrant tiling that makes you feel so at peace. Is it too much to ask to get one of these in England? the open courtyards might not quite be as enjoyable when it is snowing though...

For me, when I am travelling, I always seem to find myself searching for rooftop bars. I think you just get to experience a place from a whole new perspective when you are looking at it from above. We managed to stumble across a couple of rooftops accidentally during the trip - but they were still amazing! The names of these rooftops were Cafe Guerrab and Riad Wow Marrakech (ordered below) - definitely worth a visit if you are in Marrakech and looking for a little pitstop/sunset view.

We spent our days relaxing in the 36...ahem...degree heat and dipping in the pool, we of course ventured out to find some hidden gems, and as ever, Marrakech definitely delivered on this front. Check out my post to follow which will include some of my outfit choices for the week.



  1. Hello!!
    A quick question - how was your stay at the Medina Gardens (in your photos) I'm staying there next month!
    Great photos and blog btw!

    1. Hi there!

      Aw thank you.

      It was really great! It was the perfect spot to be away from the main craziness of the Medina - but you could still venture in when you need to! Food and drink on tap was amazing too...and there was always something to eat that I liked (I can be quite fussy). I would definitely recommend the burger at the snack bar!

      I hope you have a lovely time X


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