Monday, 31 October 2016

Moddershall Oaks

Okay so its 4:30pm and I have been sat at a computer all day. My eyes, brain, and body ache. It's at this point that I am craving a relaxing evening by a pool sipping Prosecco whilst waiting for my 7:30pm back massage. This was me last Thursday, except that I was lucky enough to actually have an evening booked at Moddershall Oaks; a country spa retreat in Staffordshire. I was booked in for a date night package - which covered you from the moment you arrived, from a body treatment of my choice, and even a two course dinner.

I arrived at the spa around 5pm and hastily ditched my bags and headed for the outdoor pool. I was given a brief itinerary in the form of a massage at 7:30pm and dinner at 9pm. Perfect. Now, I have been to a couple of spas before - but no pool had a view like this. What could be better than being in a pool with views like this? Being handed a glass of Prosecco. Which is exactly what happened. 10/10 for timing.

One of the things I dread (exaggerative) is being in a pool and then having to hop foot it across to where your towel and gown are. This just wasn't an issue at Moddershall Oaks because right next to the pool was a heated area with a log fire. Not only was this the cutest setting possible when overlooking the rolling hills, but it also helped to keep the cold at bay whilst I dried off. The spa wasn't overcrowded at all, so this was great for mooching around and getting a seat right in front of the burning fire. Hibernation mode: activated.

Not only has Moddershall Oaks got amazing nooks and crannies where you can go to relax, but it also has the most incredible grounds. I had a little wander (nothing too strenuous, of course) around the lake which was just so peaceful. I felt like a nice little stroll broke the evening up nicely and didn't make me feel too guilty about settling in for the night.

Once I had finished up outdoors and the sun had set, I ventured inside to...well...relax some more. I was given fresh towels (I had misplaced mine somewhere in-between getting into the pool and drinking my Prosecco!) and magazines to browse through. To make me feel even more cosy, I experienced the log fire from the other side, which as you can imagine, was just as nice following my dip.

Just before I headed to my treatment, I found what seemed like an underground spa area, which had everything from pools to steam rooms, and even hot beds. This area had such a great ambiance, with twinkling lights above the pools to add that extra bit of tranquility. 

Before I knew it, it was 7:25pm and I had to head to the treatment suite for my massage (I use the word "had" as though it was a chore!). They had a whole host of treatments available, and even offering some limited edition winter packages - one of which I opted for; a Gold Honey Back Massage. It was a 30minute massage which really relaxed me. In addition to this, the therapist also noticed that I had a lot of tension in my feet (something which I have been moaning about for a long time now) and spent five minutes seeing if she could ease the tension. This was obviously really great for me as she didn't have to go out of her way to do that! She also recommended some Elemis oils to try from reception which also helped with my tension. What's a girl to do next in-between her massage and dinner?...relax!

There was one part of the spa that I was especially obsessed with, and this was called "The Snug". This was an area where they host treatments and parties. It even had a dressing area with a mirror that lit up - every girl's dream! Getting a group of your friends together and heading to the snug with some bottles of wine...perfection. Check out the packages that they do in the snug here.

To top off a really lovely evening, the only thing left to do was to get showered and head to dinner. We sat in the restaurant which again was tranquil, whilst we enjoyed our two course meal. There were plenty of options on the menu and in true style I opted for a good old fashioned steak. The food came to our table promptly and we didn't have to ask for anything. A couple more glasses of Prosecco later and I think we were finally ready for our bed...

If you're looking for a great spa break to wind down and restore, check out Moddershall Oaks to see all of the different packages and events they have going on! Especially for special occasions.



  1. This place sounds just delightful! I'll be adding this to my wanderlust "places to visit" list :)

    xo, Angela

  2. After a long day, nothing feels better than some time out at a luxurious spa.


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