Saturday, 8 October 2016

Frill Seeker

Ok, so now that I can say I am firmly back on English turf - I guess I had better start putting some serious consideration into expanding my Autumn/Winter wardrobe ready for the cold. I'm not gonna lie...I am genuinely SO excited to see the next couple of months, winter really is my favourite time of year (maybe it has something to do with the fact I am a December baby - but hey!).

Do you ever get the feeling when you find an item that you love, and you want to buy it twice just incase something happens to the first? I got exactly that with this dress of dreams. It feels like its been a while since I've worn a midi dress, but this is just the perfect style and fit. It's midi length makes it a perfect transition from day to night, but also offers protection from the classic English winter conditions. I wore this dress without the need for a jacket, which is good for our climate, but the cute trumpet style sleeves negated the need to cover up completely - bonus points!

One of my favourite trends at the moment is frills and this dress has very much done frills justice. Combine the subtle frills with the detailing, and all boxes are ticked! It also has a mix of floral prints which really works to give an autumnal vibe. Not to mention it's floaty fit, which paired with my ankle boots makes me feel like I've just stepped out of a western film! In all honesty...I was one step away from throwing a fedora on to really top this look off!

The list is endless with how I plan to style this dress; strappy heels and a clutch? Knee high boots and a fedora? Fur coat and ankle boots? Yep yep yep. I even plan to hoist it up with a waist belt - which will offer more of a skater dress feel for my dressier nights out. It is definitely going to be a staple piece for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Versatility and absolute perfection are the words that spring to mind with this dress!

Dress: Debenhams (buy here)
Boots: Missguided (buy here)
Bag: Zara (buy here)



  1. Beautiful color scheme for a fall floral :) | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.


  2. Loved this post! Such a beautiful dress and amazing photo's too <3 x

    Lauren Rose


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