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Monday, 17 October 2016

Food for Thought

It's Monday! They soon come around, don't they?

So, there are two main hobbies that I have in life - eating and shopping. Ok ok, three main hobbies that I have in life... eating, shopping, and sleeping. So on Sunday when we found ourselves with a free day, we decided to take a little trip to Manchester in search of good food and a couple of shops. Now, I have been to Manchester many times, but I have never eaten in Tattu. I'm not going to lie, I had seen pictures on Instagram which is where my desire to go originated (classic Instagram research...makes a change from Pinterest searching I guess!). Tattu 100% lived up to expectations! Not only is the setting perfect (who doesn't want a giant pink tree hanging over them whilst they eat?!) but the staff couldn't help enough, and the food really was AMAZING. It was one of those situations where you have no idea how much of what to order, but you know that you definitely want one of everything. I wish I could advise more on the dishes but I can tell you that the choices we went for were just perfection, these were; 3 Dim Sum (Black Cod and Prawn, Spicy Pork Wonton, and Chicken Truffle Shumai) and 3 small plates (Chinese Barbecue Chicken, Singapore Noodles, and Caramel Soy Beef Fillet). If you haven't been already...go! Especially if you have a special occasion coming up that you want to celebrate. You won't be disappointed. Maybe heading to the shops post Dim Sum wasn't actually the best idea in the world, in terms of actually being able to fit into the new clothes you want to buy. Hey, you live and you learn!



  1. Looks like the most divine place for dinner! I love the pink! | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.



  2. I live in Manchester but I've not been to Tattu yet, no idea why! It looks incredible and the food sounds like my kind of thing. Definitely going to treat myself soon!

    Y x |

  3. Such a gorgeous post. This place sounds amazing xx


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