Friday, 2 September 2016

Mellow Yellow | Levi's

This is the most casual I have been in a long time...but hey, the weather has been great this week so I thought I would whip out the old Levi's and buy a jumper to match the sunshine! Unfortunately the heat didn't last as long as i had hoped. This jumper has to be one of the most comfiest jumpers that I own, and it only cost me £5. That's right. a fiver. Not only does it come in yellow, but pink too...both colours which I don't particularly wear on a day to day basis (because, well, they're not black). The little glimpse of sunshine that we have had has given me the urge to book a little trip for the end of September. Its proving a little bit of a struggle to decide on a destination, so any ideas/suggestions of hot climates that are good to visit in September would be greatly appreciated!

Shorts: Levis
Jumper: Primark
Watch: Karl Lagerfeld



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