Saturday, 2 July 2016

Glastonbury | 2016

 Ola! Third post in one can definitely tell I have a new laptop.

So, everyone always tries to tell you how amazing Glastonbury is. For those of us who don't go and have to listen to the festival go-ers harp on about how it is the best thing in the world can be tiring. In all fairness that is exactly what this post is going to do - put into words (try to, anyway) how great the festival really is, from a first timers perspective.

Just one week ago, I would have been well into my first night of headliners, knee deep in mud whilst clutching a cup of wine. For someone who doesn't often camp (and didn't even have a tent until days before I went), I didn't fully know what to expect. Mud doesn't really bother me, perhaps that is something that you come to expect when you have a 5 stone chocolate labrador. My main concern was how I was going to fit everything I needed into ONE rucksack...and even more so how I was going to carry it.

So off I went, a nine hour journey down (didn't drive - so definitely cannot take the credit for that), followed by a 40 minute walk to the camping spot. Including hills. And mud. And a 85L rucksack. Life was definitely made easier by the fact I opted for the classic "pop up tent"...something that absolutely does not just "pop back down" once you have finished. The pain of the journey is naturally eased by your first beer...quickly turning into your fifth. 

As a classic gal, I had each days outfit planned. I even packed a pair of Dr Martens for when the mud was at bay...needless to say these didn't get worn. I think my festival fashion lasted for the first three days. I was then easily swayed into wearing jumpers and leggings and throwing a cap on (backwards). This was partly due to being nesh and partly because my "festival fashion" probably wasn't practical. I know my mum will read this and yes I did ignore your advice. 

As a born and bred food lover, I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect from festival food vans. I could not have been more wrong. There must have been a van for every food type, and it wasn't your classic cold microwaved food, it really was fantastic. Particular highlight of the week being a halloumi cone. Thats right. A cone full of halloumi. 

Glastonbury really is its own little bubble. It is like its own village populated with hundreds of thousands of people, all together for one united reason. I have many highlights, mainly the fact that I got to see Coldplay perform their closing set which really was as amazing as it looked on the TV. We also opted for a silent disco one night, something so simple but oh so brilliant.

Did I have to have physio yesterday from sleeping on a lilo? Yes. Am I still a little unsure as to whether I will be fully clean again? Yes. Am i still going to do everything in my power to go next year? Yes.

Thank you Glasto.



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