Monday, 25 July 2016

Cocktail o'clock with Funkin | Mojito

There is only one way to make it through a Sunday evening when you know Monday is looming - and that is with cocktails. 

For me, I always love the idea of making cocktails, but sometimes struggle with knowing what ingredients I need and making sure I have the right measures of everything. Enter Funkin. Their pre-made cocktail mixers mean that all you need to do is add alcohol...and then drink it! What more could anyone possibly want? Plus, they give you a 3 stage process on the side of the carton to make life easier, after all - you need it to be as simple as possible once you've had a couple of these! Gone are the days I turn up to pre-drinks with a bottle of vodka and some flat lemonade...

 The cocktails taste EXACTLY like you would expect from a bar (maybe a little stronger...whoops) and come in a variety of different flavours too. You can also get the complete set and get a Funkin shaker, which is ideal for mixing your drink over ice and any other additions you want to include. I gave the classic Mojito a try today but have some other types to taste test!!! All I added was a spiral cucumber garnish, some mint leaves and a lime wedge - simple but effective! I've decided to make each one my "cocktail of the week" and then pick my favourite at the end. It doesn't sound like a bad routine to get into if you ask me...


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