Friday, 1 January 2016

Morocco | by Rooftop

In my opinion, there is no better way to watch a sunset than from a rooftop bar. I think it is the atmosphere of being up high and away from the main street noise - it provides a sense of stillness as the world carries on below.

I didn't really expect Marrakech to have as many rooftop terraces as it did, and in all honesty I think we averaged around two a day. It was in Morocco that I had one of my favourite rooftop moments. It was the first night and we went to a restaurant called "Nomad". We practically had our own dining area on the rooftop that was set apart and overlooked the souks. It was at that moment when a huge thunderstorm hit, and purple lightning bolts struck across the skies. I feel that is an experience I probably wont have again - but it really was incredible.

My rooftop recommendations:-
La Sultana
El Fenn
Riad Snan13


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