Friday, 1 January 2016

Morocco | Beldi Country Club

Beldi Country Club was a recommendation that was given to us by our host at the Riad. We were unsure at first as we were only there for a short stay - we didn't want to waste a whole day in one place when we could be exploring. It turns out listening to our host was the right thing to do. Beldi Country club was set away from the Red City and out towards the mountains, meaning it was secluded with incredible views. The club had everything, ranging from swimming pools to great halls and even a spa, all set within spectacular grounds. We were welcomed by staff who could not help enough, ensuring that we had everything we needed whilst we were there. The club also had a hotel attached, so for some lucky guests this place was their base.

We were there for the best part of the day, and spent our time exploring the grounds followed by a four course meal. It really did feel like a fairytale and it was definitely unlike anywhere I have ever been before. The great halls that are no doubt used for functions and entertaining, reminded me of a Moroccan Hogwarts...just like magic.

If you are heading to Marrakech, I would definitely recommend checking it out:


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