Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mellow-yellow | Weekend

Finally the weekend is here. So far I have had a lovely family meal as my sister has come home for the week - which is a rare occurrence as she is so busy! Apart from that though, my weekend plan is going to involve copious amounts of wine, spa treatments (post to follow) and catching up with my friends. This yellow bag is my baby at the moment because I often do wear a lot of black, it helps to brighten up my outfit. But also (as my best friend kindly pointed out) it seems to resemble a Polly Pocket bag...which is of course a win win situation! 

Just a quick post this morning - as my current priority is to find a corkscrew...Happy Saturday!

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Leather Jacket/Shoes/Bag: Zara, Trousers: River Island. Boobtube: Topshop

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