Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bricks and rips

Well it's been a while! I seem to have been so busy lately (not actually sure what doing - but it seems I have been) so my blog has felt a little neglected! I know that I also made a promise in my last post that I would steer clear from any more Zara posts for the time being...whoops. I normally hate shopping for jeans but these are probably the most perfect pair I have found. They are so comfortable and I love the rips (and yes - they are from Zara). I am going to be really busy these next few weeks as I have quite a lot going on - including Creamfields and my graduation ceremony. I am SO excited though as my sister gets back from New Zealand where she has been since March - so there should be a lot to blog about with everything that we have planned!

(Jeans/Jacket: Zara, Heels: Shoecult (Nasty Gal), Body: Asos)

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

A hangover hat

This weekend has been so much fun because I have finally been reunited with two of my best friends who are home (albeit - temporarily) from their travels in Australia! So after celebrating last night I have finally surfaced from my hangover pit and managed to get myself outside to enjoy some of the sunshine today! I know there's a little bit of a theme here (massive understatement) but again this dress is from the Zara sale, and now I have banned myself from there for at least two months. Nothing like a hat to help hide your hangover hair!

(Dress & Hat: Zara, Boots: River Island, Bag: TU, Watch: Michael Kors)

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