Monday, 21 July 2014

The science of celebrations

Well - this last week has been the busiest week since my dissertation deadline! Not only did I not get to finish my working week wardrobe posts...but I also managed to defy all odds and get myself a full time job! So on my last weekend of real freedom, I met with my friend in Manchester for some hard earned cocktails...spending your wages before you've even got them kinda thing. We went to The Alchemist in Manchester which I had never been to before but I had heard great things about. If you like drinking your cocktails from a measuring jug, that both smoke and change colour  (who doesn't?) - then this is absolutely the right place for you. With the weather being so nice we also had the option to sit outside, which was the perfect atmosphere for celebrating and catching up on what we had missed over the past month. If I were to recommend a cocktail from the bar, it would be the White Cosmo, 1) basically just because it was pretty and 2) when the disappointment of your empty glass sinks in, you are left with a perfectly formed flower!



  1. I've heard about this place so many times. It really looks amazing. And yes, that is because I like to play with my drinks! The white Cosmo sounds amazing!

    Katie <3

  2. The dry ice effect looks really cool, as do the glasses themselves. Will definitely have to try this out for myself!

  3. Just lke Alchemist, I went to a highly rated restraunt built on the roof top of one of the tallest building of a 4 Star Hotel named Massionate. I had a great experience of visiting that place.

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