Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunshine smiles

Another busy week this week, which was topped off nicely with a stroll through my local park with my mum before a little shopping trip. I can't deny that this outfit is yet again head to toe from Zara (minus the shoes and sunglasses) BUT they were all sale items so its justified...honest. I am totally obsessed with these pastel pink palazzo trousers and have now definitely got the bug as I am trying to find more! I maybe even love them a little bit more than my dungarees - which is a sentence I never thought that I would say. The sheer material does mean that the trousers are not too heavy which is perfect in the sunshine, and the added  thigh splits are discrete enough but do still reveal a little bit of leg when you walk!

 Anyway, I am going on a little business trip tomorrow, so naturally I am stalling until I absolutely have to pack...


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer nights in white

To me, this outfit is a dream for summer evenings! In my opinion you cant beat all white in the sunshine, and I find this outfit so refreshing. The top I am wearing was actually in the sale from Zara (again I know) and although you cant tell too clearly, it is an amazing thick texture. I never want to take it off! Except maybe the shoes...hence all the sitting down...

(Top & Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Shoe cult - Nastygal)

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 Heels: Shoe Cult (Click to buy)              Skirt: Zara (Click to buy)


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The morning after "painting" the town red

I have been looking for a pair of denim dungaree's that are a good fit for a while now, and this one that I found in H&M at the weekend was so perfect I didn't even need to try it on! Not only do I love the darker denim and the ripped knee detail, but the zip at the front makes me feel less confined and also worked well to reveal my vest top and lace bralet underneath. I wore this outfit on Sunday to go for lunch with my mum after my night of celebrating my new job with my friend the night before (check out my previous post if you haven't already) - so the comfort factor really worked well as a hangover cure. By pairing these dungaree's with my Superga's, a messy bun and a flakey run down wall, I did however feel like all that was missing from this look was a roller and a lick of paint...

(Denim dungarees: H&M, Vest top: H&M, Lace bralet: Urban Outfitters, Trainers: Superga)

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Dungaree's: H&M (Click to buy)     Superga Ivory (Click to buy) 


Monday, 21 July 2014

The science of celebrations

Well - this last week has been the busiest week since my dissertation deadline! Not only did I not get to finish my working week wardrobe posts...but I also managed to defy all odds and get myself a full time job! So on my last weekend of real freedom, I met with my friend in Manchester for some hard earned cocktails...spending your wages before you've even got them kinda thing. We went to The Alchemist in Manchester which I had never been to before but I had heard great things about. If you like drinking your cocktails from a measuring jug, that both smoke and change colour  (who doesn't?) - then this is absolutely the right place for you. With the weather being so nice we also had the option to sit outside, which was the perfect atmosphere for celebrating and catching up on what we had missed over the past month. If I were to recommend a cocktail from the bar, it would be the White Cosmo, 1) basically just because it was pretty and 2) when the disappointment of your empty glass sinks in, you are left with a perfectly formed flower!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Working Week | FOUR

Day four of my working week and I am finally suited and booted - making a change from the start of my week which seemed to revolve around girly dresses and the sun. I had my eye on this suit from Zara a while ago and it recently went into the sale so I couldn't resist! I couldn't find a link through Zara's website but I managed to land on this in one of their stores so its definitely worth a shot. I would normally steer clear from full patterned suits but with this one being so fitted, especially the trousers, I just love it. The idea of wearing a full suit and a buttoned up shirt makes me feel very corporate and restricted, so a simple black cami helped to make this suit a little more fun! All I need now is a pocket watch...

(Suit: Zara, Shoes: Topshop, Cami: Vintage, Bag: TU, Watch: Michael Kors Perfume: Zara)

Monday, 14 July 2014

A Working Week | THREE

Just a quick post today as I am most definitely running late for work - but day three of my working week! This pink dress I recently got from Warehouse in the sale (you can find it in the link below) and I am obsessed! I don't often wear pink (especially to work) but this dress is the perfect style and fit. They also have this in a skirt and top alternative which is also in the sale if you wanted to mix and match! Something which I am definitely debating considering how obsessed I already am with this!

(Dress: Warehouse, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: TU)

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Warehouse dress - Click to buy

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